Join Nikon School’s Studio Photography Workshop by Adrian Go

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Never miss this chance to learn the art of creative lighting and studio photography.

Join Nikon School’s Studio Photography Workshop by Adrian Go on October 24, 2015 from 9am-5pm at Nikon School in Makati!

For anyone who has a basic understanding of how their camera works and wants to get started in the world of creative flash photography, this is truly one workshop that will help develop your skills to the next level!


Here’s what to expect from the course:

Lesson 1: Recap from basic photography

  • Lenses to use in the studio

-types of lenses

– Primes and zooms (UWA standard and telephoto)

  • Aperture to be used
  • Shutter speed to be used


Lesson 2: Introduction to studio lights

  • What is strobe?
  • What is a speed light?
  • What light should we use?
  • ISO
  • Types of light modifiers
  • How to use it properly
  • Necessities for a studio pictorial

-light stand, backdrop, strobes, modifiers, camera, wireless remote, light meter and confidence

  • How to position the light
  • Actual Model Shoot



  • Standard Fee: PHP2, 500.00** inclusive of notes.
  • Special discount of **PHP 500 will be given if your camera is purchased within the last 6 months. You must be able to show the receipt + original Philippine Warranty Card with “Thinkdharma Inc” or “Columbia Digital Sales Company” printed. 



  • Meals
  • Freebies
  • Nikon School Course Certificate



  • Whole Day: 9am-5pm (Please see events Calendar).
  • Weekdays schedule can be offered depending on the participant that will attend (by appointment at least 10 participants).



Only cash payments will be accepted. Payments can be done via:
Account Name: ThinkDharma Inc.
• BDO Savings Account- 1388018779
• East West- 00470216628
• China Bank- 303088661 5
Upon payment, please email us at and send us the copy of the deposit slip.

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Learn All About Studio Photography at Nikon School by Adrian Go