‘John Wick 4’ and ‘The Matrix 4’ to be released on the same day

keanu john wick

Warner Bros. finally revealed when The Matrix 4 is coming out on theaters, and it is a bold and interesting choice.

The movie is set to come out on May 21, 2021 in the US. We all know that Neo is one of Keanu Reeves’ most iconic roles, along with John Wick and Ted from Bill and Ted.

The release date of The Matrix 4 is bold and interesting because it is set on the same day when John Wick 4 will be released, which also stars Reeves.

In Hollywood, studios continue to fight over release dates to obtain better attention to their blockbuster franchises. For instance, Disney and Warner Bros. usually try to reserve release dates for Marvel and DC movies years in advance. This is done in the hopes that they will not clash with other superhero releases that might divide their audience. It is desired not to have two overlapping blockbusters in the same week so this makes this Keanu Reeves incident special. Not only the two movies are considered blockbuster franchises but they star the same lead — Reeves.

It’s likely that one of the two studios will shift their movie’s release date to avoid the clash, and since these movies aren’t out until 2021, they have plenty of time to do so. But in the meantime, many fans will already be planning the best double-bill of their lives and they are calling that date as “Keanu Day.”

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