John Lloyd Cruz Tells Young Actors To Be Original

John Lloyd Cruz has some sage advice for young actors: Be original.


The actor, who stars with Sarah Geronimo in reunion movie “Finally Found Someone”, said that younger generation of actors should not just look to him for inspiration.

In a report from ABS-CBN, John Lloyd  shared that he would like to see these new actors find their own path, “living a life geared towards originality and self-expression”.

“I can’t give them any advice, because I didn’t do that myself during my time. But I would want to see them working, dying to be original. If I portray a gay character, does it mean I watched other gay-themed movies? No, you have to find its heart. You can do it on your own.”

John Lloyd added that being an actor and having the chance to live someone else’s life should not be wasted:

“Why mess it up with infusing with ways that you know are superficial? I would really want them to see that there is a way to make it authentic and more enjoyable.”

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