Joan Lee, Wife of Stan Lee, Dies At 93

It’s a sad week for Marvel Studios and Marvel fans.

Joan Lee, the wife of Marvel creator Stan Lee, has reportedly passed away today (Thursday, PT Time) in Los Angeles. Sources say that Joan suffered a stroke earlier this week and was hospitalized.

Stan Lee and Joan Lee were married in December of 1947–just a few months away from their 70th wedding anniversary.

The comic book legend recalled to a few reporters last year how he met his wife, saying that there was one woman he always drew over and over again–the perfect woman for him. He was then set up for a date with Betty, Joan’s friend. But as he went to pick Betty up, Joan was the one who opened the door. According to Stan, she was the one he had been drawing all his life.

Joan is also reportedly credited as the inspiration for The Fantastic Four. Sources say that Stan was depressed with the state of comics at the time and was about to quit his career when Joan told him to write one comic he would be proud of. And thus, The Fantastic Four was born.

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Marvel has also released a statement on the news.

Our condolences to the Lee family.

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