Jinro Slush Land is Happening at Boracay Beach Club Paraw

Poster Jinro24, Jinro Slush

HiteJinro (Korea No.1 Liquor company) is launching their new product, Jinro Slush. If you are planning to stay in Boracay on May 27th, it is highly recommended to visit Club Paraw to attend this “Jinro Slush Land” event. Taste Jinro Slush, and receive their gifts (Power Bank, T-Shirts, Bags, Towels, etc).

Jinro Slush is made of Jinro24 and fruit juice. Jinro 24 is one of the representative brands of HiteJinro along with Soju. Jinro24 has been introduced in Manila, through biggest club events. Visit “Taste HiteJinro” Facebook page, to check out previous events.

 Contact Comma Entertainment (www.comma-entertainment.com) for any kind of inquiries.

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