Jinri Park Opens Up About Her New Life in Australia


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In Manila, Jinri Park is known for being an actress, model, and radio DJ. In Australia, where is she based now with her Filipino-Australian husband, Park opened up about her new life, which she describes as a 180.

On Instagram, she said, “If I had to describe my 20s in a word it would be glamour. From all the fun times I had during my college days, just drinking and clubbing with my friends to becoming a radio jock, model, actress and host, it’s definitely been exciting. I had the opportunity to be in front of the mic and camera, having people doll me up and living very comfortably.”

She added, “Not saying that it was all fun, I had my fair share of being a newbie in the industry, heartbreaks, hardships, etc. (just as everyone else). But When I look back now, I can definitely say I lived my life to the fullest.”

Park describes her life in Australia as a turning point. She said, “Now that I’m in my 30s, life has changed 180! I got married, moved to Australia, and now…got a job! For this past week I worked as a trainee for a restaurant being a waitress (I did graduate with a degree in HRM and worked also at Your Local for about a year as a Maitre d). Honestly when I moved to Sydney I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I felt like I was back to zero, with not knowing what career path I’d want to take. I didn’t feel like I fit in that glamorous life of being a model anymore, and wanted to move past it to something I would grow into. Maybe even spend the rest of my life doing.”

Park also hinted at something that would “be a good match for my strengths and personality.” Now, she’s working to earn tuition to get a degree for the job she wants in the future.

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