‘Jingle All The Way’ In My Pants

No judging please!  This was just my take to the trending topic that got the whole Twitterverse tweeting (and laughing at each other’s tweets) that is #improvingfilmtitlesbyaddinginmypants. Who would’ve thought that even serious-sounding titles like “Cruel Intentions”, “Anaconda” and “Meet Joe Black” would sound funny just by adding the phrase “in my pants” to it? 

First up, the men…

Slick! LOL

Sorry, not interested lol

Meh. How about "The 40-year Old Virgin" #inmypants? (NOT)

*yawn* Zzzzzz...

Love your own lol

While the ladies…

And the best tweet goes to...


Obviously, the men have the upper hand in this trending topic lol. Why am I not surprised? LOL

Can you think of other film titles that sound funny when added with the word “in my pants”?


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