JING MONIS SALON: Hair Stylist Of The Stars


JING MONIS SALON: Hair Stylist Of The Stars


Jing Monis IS the hair stylist that every girl has ever dreamed of. He is, after all, the hair stylist of celebrities: making each client a vavavoom star as soon as he does his magic on their crowning glories.

“By giving each woman an individual look that personifies her lifestyle. The right haircut always make a person stand out from the rest,” Jing Monis believes.



THE Jing Monis


“In a career spanning almost two decades, Jing Monis’ hairstyling and makeup artistry have never ceased to be in demand by the country’s top photographers, fashion designers, fashion and beauty editors, advertising creative directors, models, celebrity endorsers and a loyal regular clientele ranging from career women to socialites, making him the most versatile and well-rounded player in his field today.”



Look at how Jing Monis styled their hairs: classy, sexy and catchy!


jing-monis-salon-anne-curtisYes, Anne Curtis is loyal client! 


jing monis salon


For non-celebrity clients like us, Jing Monis Salon is the closest to having THE Jing Monis himself touch your hair. Currently, there are THREE branches available: Greenbelt (Makati), Bellevue (Alabang) and Velvet (Resorts World Manila). Jing Monis Salon is non-pretentious and is not intimidating at all. The staffs are accommodating and are very well-trained in doing glamorous transformation to each and every one that walks through their doors.


Jing Monis Salon Greenbelt 1

 Jing Monis Salon at Greenbelt greets clients with a happy orange vibe


Ivica and I both went for a hair cut and asked for a hair treatment. We let the stylists decide on what to do with our hairs and we were very happy with the results. Ivy changed her hair color to a darker brown and then we both had the VANILLA BEAN HAIR TREATMENT. My hair smelled liked vanilla for days (my husband loved it). The treatment is supposed to moisturize the hair and scalp so if your hair feels dry, this would really help. Also, it helps protect hair color and makes the color treatment last longer. You might be wondering if these are affordable: hair cut starts at Php 700, hair color around Php 2000+ and the Vanilla Bean Treatment was at Php 1000+. Jing Monis Salon services are affordable to the working class who likes to splurge a bit on beauty essentials.


Jing Monis Salon Greenbelt -aurea a

My hair is super fine and short. It was quite a challenge but thanks to Senior Creative Stylist Aureo Peña and Jing Monis Salon’s hair treatment, my hair became softer, shinier and it finally got “styled.”



Ivica loves her long brown hair and had been putting off every suggestion of getting her (long) hair cut. She finally gave in at Jing Monis Salon after a reassuring talk with Rigel Tedor. Just so you know, it took her at least 10-15 minutes to decide! *roll eyes*


jing-monis-salon-hair-color-treatmentThis is it: Hair color treatment and Vanilla Bean treatment to lock in more moisture and to make the color last longer 


jing-monis-salon-hair-color-treatment b

Excited to see her new look!!!


Jing Monis Salon Greenbelt 3

TADA!!!! Ivica just got prettified and vavavoomed by JING MONIS SALON! 



True to being the cheerful Selfie Queen of WhenInManila.com: she’s so happy that she can’t get over her new haircut.

FYI, her new look gained a lot of likes among her Facebook friends 0474


jing monis salon promo

 When In Manila, get yourself prettified at JING MONIS SALON. They have the best staffs trained to do your hair and make-up for that special occasion. It’s time to pamper yourself and be extra beautiful.


JING MONIS SALON: Hair Stylist Of The Stars

MAKATI: 893 4098, 840 4773, (+63917) 8306515 
ALABANG:555-0963, 555-0970, (+63917) 5214480
MAXIMS: 511 1171, (+63917) 5119423




WhenInManila photos by JoTan23.blogspot.com and Ivica Rae Say


JING MONIS SALON: Hair Stylist Of The Stars