Jessy Mendiola Tells Wives It’s Okay to Cut Toxic People off Husband’s Life

Jessy Mendiola wrote a message to fellow wives on her Instagram stories telling them that it’s okay to “cut people off” from their husband’s life in order to protect their families.

Her advice reads: “When someone says something bad about you, always remember that it is the only way his/her insignificant self can feel better than you. The most important thing is, you know who you are and you don’t step on other people’s toes just to get where you are.”

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“Saying something bad about a person says a lot more about your true character than the person you are trying to bring down,” she continued.

“Wives, it is okay to cut people off from your husband’s life, especially if it is the only way to protect him and your family from danger. Protecting your family fiercely is your duty as a mother and also as a wife. There’s a reason why God showed YOU their true colors.”

It is unknown what prompted Jessy, who is married and expecting a child with Luis Manzano, to share this message publicly and who she was personally targeting to “cut off” from Luis’ life.

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