Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ Luxurious Cakes and Pastries

WHEN IN MANILA, sweet treats serve three purposes in life.

1. To sweeten things up.

2. To increase your endorphins otherwise known as one’s happy cells.

3. To perk you up after a stressful quiz, work, or relationship.

And Jenny’s Specialty Cakes, a home-based pastry shop, does exactly just that! With tons of different pastries to choose from, you’ll never run out of choices for sure!

Here are some of my ultimate faves from Jenny’s Specialty Cakes.






Jenny’s Specialty CakesMocha Caramel Cake is amazeballs! With oozing caramel in between luscious chunks of mocha cake, this cake is a must-have on every family’s dining table. It doesn’t hurt that the cake is beyond pretty too.










I’ve always loved munching on some good creams puffs. But Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ gigantic Cream Puffs are just too good for words!










Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ Decadent Chocolate Cake is the definite standout in the bunch. Well I’ve always been a sucker for chocolate cakes but this one, this one is one of the best I’ve tasted in my whole 17 years of existence. Definitely a two thumbs up!










During my high school years, I would always run to the cafeteria after having lunch for some good ol’ revel bar. Now that I’m in college, I rely on Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ Chocolate Revel Bar  to take me back to the good ol’ days of high school.










Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ classic and the luxurious Red Velvet Cheesecake is so regal! The sweet cake and the tad bit of sourness brought about by the cream cheese smacked in between screams foodgasm!

So whether you’re dying over the crazy hard exam you’re about to take on Thursday, crying hopelessly over that stupid boy/girl who broke your heart or just want to make your day extra sparkly, check out Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ super good cakes and pastries WHEN IN MANILA.

Jenny’s Specialty Cakes


Contact 0917-537-7178 or 0922-837-7175














Jenny’s Specialty Cakes’ Luxurious Cakes and Pastries


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