“Jeepadala” – An Organization Focused on Helping Jeepney Drivers

Being in this time of pandemic, a lot of workers lost their jobs resulting in losing their source of income. Some reached out to people using different social media platforms especially in Twitter. Though a different situation happened with the Jeepney Drivers in Quezon City. Jeepadala’s founder and head of Kalinga sa Panahon ng Pandemya Donation Drive, Jemimah Ladeza, witnessed the way jeepney drivers asked for money and donations in the streets. She got to interview them and asked for their numbers so that she can contact them. Soon enough, she thought of an idea that will help the jeepney drivers and fast forward to now – Jeepadala started around June 2020 and is in effect today. 

Jemimah, together with other volunteers, worked hard to ask for monetary and in-kind donations with the help of social media. The Jeepadala team did not disappoint as they were able to raise 22,557.00 pesos and were able to buy and give 35 relief goods, 40 food packs, 40 alcohol bottles, 1 sack of rice, 3 boxes of face masks to jeepney drivers equally. They were also able to partner up with certain organizations like Kaloob Initiative that gave 20 relief goods to the jeepney drivers. 

“Tayo madalas ang hinahatid ng mga jeepney drivers, ngayon, tayo naman ang maghatid ng tulong at ayuda sa kanila sa panahon ng pandemya” as stated by Clea Velina, one of the volunteers in the team of Jeepadala. 

News popped that some hospitals are short when it comes to resources like face masks and some said that the government is not giving them enough goods that they need during this pandemic. And so, Jeepadala gave 9 boxes of facemasks to certain hospitals that they contacted. The organization was also able to give 3 boxes of clothes to the homeless people. 

Jeepadala’s concept is flexible. It can be used as a courier if you have a business and you might need a hand when delivering goods or if you are going to move houses and you might need a hand with your things. They are accepting bookings through their social media accounts namely:

  • Facebook: Jeepadala
  • Instagram – @jeepadala
  • Twitter – @jeepadala

You can send them a message and they’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Jeepadala is an organization that gives jeepney drivers the chance to earn for their families as the government took that away from them.

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