LOOK: Jed Madela Praises Vivoree Esclito for this Humble Gesture

Jed Madela took time to share his sentiments over the attitudes of two different young stars he met during the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 on Facebook.

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“I really appreciate young artists who show respect to their seniors,” he began.

He first mentioned singer-actress Vivoree Esclito who he commended for braving through the crowd just to greet him while he was waiting for his ride outside his hotel.

“She braved the pool of fans and made an effort to walk to me and greet me and asked if I enjoyed the ball last night. Though a small gesture, that says a lot about a person,” he said. “Thank you, Vivoree. I really appreciate it.”

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The latter part of his post, however, also sparked curiosity from fans. According to Jed, Vivoree’s gesture was a stark contrast to that of an unnamed young celebrity who merely “stared with her RBF and continued dancing” while her three other companions came up to him to say hi.

“Again, little gestures like this says a lot,” Jed added.

Jed later edited his original post to remove his story about the unnamed celebrity. “Didn’t know it would spark so much curiosity. Names are being thrown in and so far, no one got it right. Unfair naman. Let’s just drop it. Peace everyone!!!” he said.

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Vivoree was a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother 7 . She has since gone into acting and is best known for her roles in Petmalu (2018) and ongoing television series The Killer Bride.

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