Jed Madela Gets Noticed on Instagram by RM of BTS

Jed Madela just went full-on fanboy mode after his post not only caught the attention of Kpop group BTS’ leader RM but earned a like from him as well!

The 44-year-old singer took to his Instagram to express his joy over the notification he received from RM in a private message where Madela had sent a photo of voodoo doll toys he created that were all inspired by the group’s most recent singles, “Permission To Dance, ” “Dynamite,” and “Butter.”


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“Even the smallest gesture can already be a huge thing for someone… for me. Today, I was over the moon when I saw that RM of BTS has “SEEN” a pic I sent him last December; a photo of an art toy I made, knowing that he collected art toys,” Madela began on his post.

“That “seen” was enough for me… But today, before sleeping, I sent him another photo of the BTS inspired VuDu art toys I made… and he responded with a [heart]! Sorry, guys. I’m fanboying,” he proceeded to gush.

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“Yeah, I’ve met international artists in the past but when you “connect” with someone you really adore, it’s different! I will forever be a fan of BTS!” he continued. “Now, I can’t sleep… I’m happy.”

And if you think he’s been acting strangely cool about the notification, just look at his tweets at the time he received the “like” from RM which shows his true feelings:

If we got a heart from RM, we’d be losing our minds too!

Madela had started his hobby of toy making in order to cope with the pandemic last 2020. He started creating VuDu, a character he ideated to reflect who he was in a toy form.

Apart from BTS, he also made VuDu figurines of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande.

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