Jason Momoa Harshly Calls Out Fishermen Who Cruelly Cut Off Shark’s Tail

A video showing 2 men cut off a shark’s tail quickly went viral once it was uploaded on Facebook. It places the duo off the coast of Greenland as they cruelly treat the animal and laugh at its suffering. The men then carelessly throw the shark back into the water once the damage is done. 

They reportedly shout out “good luck trying to swim, you punk!” as the shark escapes. After gaining infamy on Facebook, the video traveled to other social media sites and international news sites. The scene was so horrific that Jason Momoa (sometimes known as Aquaman) felt compelled to speak out. 

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He posted on his Instagram account: 

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It is still unsure if legal actions can be taken against the men as the Greenland shark may not be listed under Iceland’s animal cruelty laws despite it being a “near threatened” species. However, the company which employs the two men have swiftly acted and fired them. Their statement on the issue reads: 

We owners and shipowners Bíldseyar SH 65 disgrace and condemn the horrendous event that occurred in a video that accompanies DV’s news today. So far, we have tried to adopt good working practices and responsible handling of the resource and the environment in general. This event is completely unjustifiable and those who were there for work have no claim. We have no choice but to reject further work by people who demonstrate such behavior.

What do you think should be done to stop actions like this? 

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