According to Jason Momoa, This Was the Hardest Scene to Film for “Sweet Girl”

Have you watched Sweet Girl on Netflix yet? Jason Momoa is back with a ton of action, emotions, and twists; and we were lucky enough to sit down with him over Zoom to ask him a few things about the movie.


Courtesy of Netflix

Despite all of the action scenes in the movie, Jason says that the crying scene was, without a doubt, the hardest one to film. “It was hard to get into that scene over and over and over,” he explains. “And, you know, if the camera messes up or hits something, you have to do it again. You have to go through the whole process again – getting back to that place.” Jason also shares that he has never had to do anything like that before, whether in movies or in real life – at least not to that level. This definitely made it the hardest for him.

Jason adds that it was also fun to watch. He shares that he watched it with a few friends. “They get pissed because they don’t wanna watch cry watching me and it’s always fun to make your buddies cry,” he laughs.


Courtesy of Netflix

Jason also lovingly shares that he has been teaching his daughter how to protect herself and that she has become really good at it. “I think there’s a lot that I’ve brought a lot of my personal life into this movie without trying to,” he says. “This isn’t too far from what I’m really like in normal life, except I’m not this much of a downer. I’m more playful; but if I were in this position, this is how I’d be.”

So, why should you watch Sweet Girl? “Well, Imma say one thing: Guns ‘n’ f***ing Roses,” Jason exclaims. “How rad was that?” Jason shares that he was so pumped when he saw the trailer because it was a huge bucketlist off, getting to have Guns ‘n’ Roses on their trailer.

Watch the trailer here if you haven’t yet:

“I think when people see the trailer, they’ll think, ‘Oh, cool. It’s Momoa. There’s gonna be action.’ But when you kick into the 15 minutes you’ll be like, ‘Why am I crying? This is now my family. I don’t like this and yes, this is going on in our world.’ And then you buckle up and then you get the little twist and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I didn’t see it comin’!’So hopefuly, it’s gonna be a great movie.”

Watch Sweet Girl on Netflix now.

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