Jarmaine Santiago JLovesMac1 Meet n Greet Manila: YouTube Star at Guess Store Glorietta



It was complete madness! GIRLS EVERYWHERE! From this day on I learned my lesson: If you want the girls, then big muscles, cute puppies, mad money; all of that are NOTHING compared to being a YouTube Make Up star!

I was doing it all wrong.

Here’s what happened at the Jarmaine Santiago meet and greet at the slick Guess store in Glorietta.






I got there a bit early and took some photos of the Guess store. I swear one second it was just a quiet weekday afternoon at the mall, and then the next second…. BOOM! Jarmaine Santiago walks in! Some of you may know her better as her YouTube handle JLovesMac1.




Just in case you’re not familiar, let me edumacate you on this YouTube diva.

JLovesMac1 is one of, if not THE fastest growing YouTube Make Up Guru. Faster than Michelle Phan! JLovesMac1, or Jarmaine Santiago, the self proclaimed island girl from the Philippines, has close to 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube already and she’s only been doing this for about 3 years. 

Jarmaine was born in the Philippines and her family is from Pampanga, but she currently lives in Los Angeles.

An L.A. Times article describes her as a “mix of Fran Drescher meets gospel preacher meets pretty Filipina girl with Tourette syndrome.”

The MAD crowds you see in the photos above came from one simple mention of a meet and greet in this videos below:


Keep it SEXY for Spring Break: Jarmaine Santiago in Boracay Philippines


The IMPORTANT Things in LIFE: Jarmaine Santiago visits an orphanage


Fortunately our friends at Guess were able to pry her away from her adoring fans to answer a few silly questions for WhenInManila.com (next page)…