This Designer Just Made Pokemon-Themed Kimonos, and We Gotta Have Them All!

A Japanese designer combined two things she loves the most: Pokemon and making her own kimonos. And the result is absolutely stunning!

Misamaru flaunted three of her amazing Pokemon-themed outfits on Twitter, all of which feature Gen 3 Legendary Pokemons, namely the Ground-type Groudon, Dragon/Flying-type Rayquaza, and Water-type Kyogre — collectively known as the Weather Trio.

pokemon kimono groudon 1

Misamaru hand-embroidered the characters herself on different colored haori, which is a jacket typically worn over a kimono. She also made a special Kyogre kimono robe and sash while she used a simple Poke ball-themed sash for the other two outfits.

She even created her own Poke ball handbag to carry her essentials!

pokemon kimono groudon

pokemon kimono kyogre

pokemon kimono rayquaza

Aren’t they amazing? We gotta have ’em all!

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What are your thoughts of these Pokemon-themed kimonos? Sound off in the comments below.

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