Janella Salvador Receives Smoked Fish From a Fan, Calls for Explanation

Janella Salvador received an unexpected gift from a fan during a “Darna” mall show in Bataan. The “Darna” star drew laughs on Twitter as she posted a photo of it online, and then called for an explanation.

Hi vadengs,” she addressed her fans. “Thank you for the gifts ha, but I think I need an explanation for this one.

Alongside the smoked fish photo was a selfie with the text: “I am confusion.

Looks pretty [bomb] tho,” she continued in another tweet.

The now-viral post also got her Twitter followers confused! Akala ko dummy account, totoo palang si Jea ‘to,” one user replied.  “Tawang tawa ako! Sino nag regali nito?

Someone simply posted the poster of Salvador’s 2018 film, “My Fairy Tail Love Story,” in the thread…without any context.

Meanwhile, another one suggested, “instant ulam after mall show, mother.

Although, one of them claimed to be the person behind the tinapa gift to Janella. “Hindi naman sila makakagala dito kaya binigyan ko na ng specialty namin,” he wrote.

If it was really him, then Jane de Leon must have gotten one, too, because he also said he gave the same thing to Janella’s “Darna” co-star.

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