James Morrison Live in Manila! The Awakening World Tour

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When In Manila, James Morrison showed us what a Beautiful Day it was when he performed live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Tuesday, October 9! I was more than surprised with his towering energy and how the Filipino audience the warm and loud support of the fans! Were you one of us who sang our hearts out with James Morrison?

Were you one of us who sang our hearts out with James Morrison? 🙂

Cause it’s just out of sight, it’s a beautiful life..  ♪ ♫ ♬

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Let me just say first that I was wrong with my first impression about James Morrison, I’ve always thought that he was this serious kind of musician because he sings sad songs with raw emotions and I think I never saw him smile on any of his music videos. But watching him perform live was a great surprise, I saw that happy and vibrant side of him that was really inspiring. Unexpectedly, he is one perky soul for someone who sings such sullen songs.

Anywho, enough of my James Morrison praises! Now, let me share with you what happened that one amazing night of James Morrison live in Manila!

He entered the stage with his contagious smile and towering energy together with his band and got us in the groove by starting of with the song, “Beautiful Life” from The Awakening album.

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Too much energy in the house! 

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He jumps and sings with his upbeat songs and follow it up with a serenade of his heart-touching tracks.

It was such a surreal experience to hear him sing his signature hits. His voice is so full of emotions and as he sing and strum his guitar, his face will show every emotion he want to convey to his audience and you just can’t help but let it take you over.

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This is what you call a powerful performance that it moves you to your core.

And when he sang his hit song, “I Won’t Let You Go“, every fan in Araneta sang their hearts out with him. It was an amazing moment. I had the goosebumps and I didn’t mind singing along to it. Too much emotions!

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He also sand the song “Up” with his back-up singer (Beverlei Brown) who sang Jessie J’s part and they nailed it! Up is such a hopeful song and it is one of my favorite tracks from The Awakening album.

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These lovely ladies made the songs sound more beautiful. And kudos to James Morrison’s band for being great!

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And boy, when the intro for “Broken Strings” started, I shrieked and fumbled with my camera on hand. As I’ve already told the world for the nth time, Broken Strings meant a lot to me when I got my heart broken and wow, his words spoke for my emotions and hearing James Morrison do it live in solo vocals, it was just so beautiful and nothing hurts. James Morrison, for the nth time again and again I will say this, you are amazing.

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The audience gladly oblige as he asks us to sing along with him.

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After a few more songs, James Morrison took a moment and expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome he received from his Filipino fans (yes, we love you James!), he wasn’t expecting that there is quite a bunch of us who feels with him and loves his music.

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He did his hip dancing and the crowd went wild!

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And yes, he went down the stage and got this close to the audience.


And when he said that the last song for the night (no way!) will be his very first hit, we fans exactly knew what it was gonna be — “You Give Me Something“. He strummed his guitar and we sang with him, it was a great moment. Anyone who felt like they were close to tears like me?

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James Morrison said his (partial) goodbye and he and his band left the stage after “You Give Me Something” but of course, we wouldn’t let that be his last right?

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Araneta was filled with chants of “WE WANT MORE!!” and look who came back! An encore was needed to cap the amazing off. James Morrison sang two more songs and finally (boohoo) ended his Awakening Tour in Manila with the song, “Wonderful World“.

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“Well, I know that it’s a wonderful world from the sky down to the sea

But I can only see it when you’re here, here with me.”  ♪ ♫ ♬

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Before finally leaving the stage, James Morrison called up everyone — from his crew to his band and back-up singers, introduced them to the audience and gave them thanks for the successful Manila leg of The Awakening tour. He then thanked the audience and they all lined up, gave a bow and waved us goodbye.

Thanks to all of them, we all had a wonderful night. 🙂

When In Manila, James Morrison’s concert was something I wont let go off my memory. It was truly an Awakening show — to his music and to his passion for it and in life in general. James Morrison’s performance was beyond awesome and he has his heart on every song he sang.  He said he’ll definitely be back and I will surely be there when that happens!! See you there maybe? 🙂

James Morrison Live in Manila! The Awakening World Tour