Jacked-Up Menu For The Hungry College Kids Over At Skull And Bones!

Everyone’s favorite university hangout has a new menu!

We love coming back to Skull and Bones, which from the name alone, takes its cues from the sheer coolness of the Ivy Leagues. It’s a frathouse-themed joint that throws in class and fun together like the best of them, a mixture of tradition and modernity in its interiors. It’s basically something you would expect if you had a dream dormitory in college, and Hogwarts wasn’t available.

It’s comfort food on steroids, basically– the kind of greasy, indulgent chow you’d eat in your dorm room because they’re easy and accessible, only that they’re bigger and better! From the huge number of choices in the menu in the past, Skull and Bones whittled it down to some of the best, perfectly capturing what university comfort food is all about. Check out what we tried:


Dirty South. My personal favorite! It’s rice krispies-battered fried chicken patty, honey, red cabbage on brioche bun lined with mayonnaise. While it may not seem as overwhelming as the others, the rice krispies add that perfect crispy texture to the chicken patty, and the honey is a good complement in taste. Oh, and the cabbage adds that extra fresh crunch.


Eggs Benny Burger. Another bestseller, this rich burger is made up of all-beef patty, smoked bacon, poached egg, bechamel sauce, and nutmeg on brioche bun. Take a look at that egg and how beautifully the yolk runs down the sandwich! Yum. If we can have this all day everyday, breakfast will never be the same.


Pitbull. This one is a mouthful: beef pork frankfurter, swiss cheese, smoked ham, chopped pickles and onions, sliced jalapenos, garlic lemon aioli, on a griddle pressed brioche bun lined with mustard. We liked the kick of the jalapenos and the flavor of the onions and pickles– just the right amount of heat.


The Super Mario. Pizza lovers will love this take on the classic hot dog! It’s fried and breaded homemade chicken sausage, sauteed peppers and onions, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of chili flakes, mozzarrella, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, parsley on brioche bun. Just looking at it already reminds me of home.


Fried Fluffernuteller. This dessert/sandwich hybrid will give us a heart attack! But even if it does, no regrets eating this baby at all! It’s a deep-fried brioche sandwich with marshmallow cream, peanut butter and nutella. A good marriage of sweet and savory indeed– perfect for that matakaw friend with a sweet tooth.


Homemade Twinkies. They may look simple, but don’t underestimate these tiny chunks of heaven! They’re soft and wonderfully creamy on the inside. Original flavor on the left, and Raspberry on the right.

And now, for the drinks:


Gummi Bear. A sweet, refreshing drink that does resemble gummi bears! This is great for those who want to get their drink on… while reminiscing their childhood. A bizarre thought, but hey, it works!


Pink Panty Dropper. One sip of this and we (well, I) finally understood why they named this as such. It’s a a refreshing cocktail that tastes a lot like pink lemonade, and reminds you of tropical trees, the sand and the waves. Perfect for afternoon cocktails with the ladies!

We absolutely love the chill vibe of the place, and its sick beats at night– don’t expect to find superclub-esque EDM music in here, as the beats are more hip-hop and indie-oriented, exactly like something you’d find in the coolest college house party. Skull and Bones is perfect for the college kid… or the college kid at heart.

Skull and Bones

UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City



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