J.K. Rowling Says Sorry for Killing This Professor in ‘Harry Potter’

On Twitter, J.K. Rowling posted her apology for killing a pivotal Harry Potter character, Severus Snape.

“Okay, here it is. Please don’t start flame wars over it, but this year I’d like to apologize for killing (whispers)… Snape. *runs for cover*,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

This tweet came in time for the commemoration of the May 2 anniversary of the fictional Battle of Hogwarts. The author amused fans by apologizing for killing the professor, who was known as an exemplary potion-maker madly in love with Potter’s mother, Lily Evans.

A netizen replied with a reminder saying, “While it hurts to remember, we must. Never forget the sacrifices made through the Battle of Hogwarts!”

Severus Snape was played by Alan Rickman in the whole Harry Potter series. The actor succumbed to cancer in 2016.

How do you feel about Rowling’s tweet?

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