Iza Calzado Shows Off Her Swimsuit Body on Instagram… Without Using Any Filters

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The summer season is all about rocking our favorite swimwear and showing off our bodies. This is great, but unrealistic body standards have encouraged many of us to take on drastic measures to reach this unattainable benchmark of beauty. Some work out obsessively while others go on crash diets. For others, they rely on filters to look like the best version of themselves.

Iza Calzado is fighting this by posting her swimsuit body on Instagram without using any filters. She captioned her photo with, “My body has gone through so many changes and as a result I have stretch marks, loose skin, scars and cellulite. I no longer want to hide these behind digitally distorted images because, truth be told, this reduces the pressure of trying to look perfect in every picture. This is one of my steps in my self-love journey.”

She added that she wrote more about it for an upcoming magazine.

However, she clarifies that there are other ways to highlight one’s body. She said, “Lighting, shadows and angle not included in digital distortion so I will continue to use the to my advantage! Hahaha!”

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