Iya Villania Warns Parents to Be Mindful of Their Children as Baby Primo Gets HFMD

Iya Villania recently took to Instagram to ask for prayers for her and husband Drew’s firstborn son Primo after he contracted hand, food, and mouth disease that caused him to have blisters around his mouth. “Prayers please for Team A as kuya Primo has HFMD,” she said on her Instagram story.

“Happy that he’s still in high spirits but I’m hoping the rashes don’t get too bad. Doc says they multiply as days go by. So hopefully he doesn’t get hit too hard coz the ones that have already shown up look so sore,” she added.

Iya Baby Primo HFMD Instagram

Source: Instagram.com/iyavillania

She also prayed for the protection of her youngest son, Leon, so he won’t catch the disease.

“I feel so bad for both!” Iya said about her two children. “For Primo of course coz of how painful the wounds are, and for Leon naman because he’s been having to wait while I attend to his poor kuya.”

In another Instagram story, Iya warned parents to always look after their children so they don’t contract the same disease or unwittingly infect other kids.

“[Please] make sure your kids are well and healthy when they play in enclosed play areas,” she said. “Not just for the sake of the other kids in there but also for your own child.”

Iya warns parents about their kids Instagram

Source: Instagram.com/iyavillania

HFMD is a common viral infection to children aged 10 years old and below. It typically begins with a fever, followed by rashes and blisters around the hands, feet, mouth, and occasionally the buttocks and the groin. It is caught when a child comes into contact with any toy or surface that has been touched by another child infected with the disease.

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Get well soon, Primo!