It’s Time for a Hike: Walking Stick Plants a Flower or Tree With Every Step You Make

Only about 20% of our forest cover remains. Reforestation is a continuing battle with slash-and-burn farmers, charcoal makers, and timber poachers.

Fredd Ochavo Ipo watershed - kaingin

Kaingin at the Ipo watershed in Bulacan.

Now, imagine if we can add to our arsenal a walking stick that plants a seed with every step we make.

In a mission to save bees and trees from extinction and mass deforestation, a US company has invented a walking stick, the FytoStick, that is able to plant up to 500 seeds per refill. It plants seeds with a downward motion of the hand. When the stick hits the ground, it burrows a hole in the soil, tucking a seed safely for growing.

According to the FytoStick site, only seeds native to a region may be ordered with the stick. Users are encouraged to hike alongside beaten paths so seeds can take root.

Imagine what our hiking enthusiasts here can achieve with such a stick!

Waking Stick that Plants Seeds with each step

The FytoStick is built out of handcrafted bamboo

So, where can you get one? The company has just completed its crowdfunding last May and is now receiving orders from all over the world on its website. Every order comes with an app that allows you to track how far you have explored, goals reached, and achievements collected.

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Would you like to help protect our forests? You can help by donating used backpacks and other hiking gear to our forest rangers at Ipo watershed in Bulacan! Click here for details.