It’s okay to cry on the job: 8 out of 10 people admit to crying at work

Robin crying under desk 2

It’s okay to let your feelings out even when at work.

Eight out of 10 people admit to having cried at work, according to a new study from massive job search company

Approximately half, 45 percent to be exact, of those who cry at work, say their bosses or co-workers were the reason.

“The results show that there are multiple factors—a toxic boss or co-worker, or a heavy workload—that can make people cry at work, providing further proof that American workers are suffering, “Monster’s chief marketing officer Jonathan Beamer said.

About 1/5 of the people who participated in the survey said their cry was due to non-work, personal issues.

Still, even if 80% of people admit to having cried on the job, it’s likely they are closing the door of a conference room or taking a moment in the restroom to shed their tears, said Monster career expert Vicki Salemi in an interview.

Crying in the workplace still carries a stigma, she added, because some see it as a sign of weakness.

She added that in many cases, crying at work can be a sign of a toxic environment.

“If someone else sees you, it’s not ‘game over,’ ” Salemi added. The more important challenge is to “do an internal check-in: ‘Why am I upset?

‘ Get to the root of it, then figure out the solution.”

Have you cried at work? How has it helped you?