It’s Not Just Another Coffee Shop, it’s Subspace!


When In Manila, you can see coffee shops almost everywhere! And we from WIM are always on a constant lookout for those coffee shops with character that instantly got our attention and our readers might also enjoy or even become a new favorite place to grab a drink and a snack.


 Subspace sounds intergalactic, ei?

So we’ve came across this very cute, artsy and quaint place in Ortigas that serves a good caffeine fix and also caters to your K-Pop culture cravings — it’s called the Subspace Coffee House.

Subspace is not just another coffee shop, it is called such because it is from the owners of Space Encounters, a furniture shop that screams attention and each piece sold has its own uniqueness. When the owners, Thor Bolanon and his partner Wilmer Lopez decided to combine their love for K-Pop and Space Encounter’s quirky pieces, Subspace was born (get it? Sub-space!) and also in time when K-pop’s beginning to boom in the Philippines. 

We visited one Saturday for brunch and I’ll let the photos do the explaining of the visual delight we had and of course, the light but yummy goodness we had!



Makes you feel you’ve stepped into a topsy turvy world. These chairs will welcome you upon entering and it’s impossible to miss!



What’s so nice about Subspace is that it’s very fun, fresh, cozy and innovative. I could hang out here for the entire day!


Now do you understand why I say cozy, yes?



My favorite spot! Enjoy a cup of tea and grab a bite while lounging on the yellow chair with a book on hand and the sunshine streaming in. Oh, bliss!


Breads, pastries and cakes! Whether you like it sweet or regular, you pretty much have a lot of options.


Subspace is a little wonderland hidden in the center of a commercial district. What’s not to love?

PS. Get your instagram ready when you visit Subspace, find out why on the next page!


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