It’s not business as usual, it’s business as #BestWeCan

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone hard. With a large portion of consumers at home and practicing social distancing, companies have shut down and stopped operations to put their employees’ health and safety first. This pandemic has affected all types of businesses — from those that have existed for 100 years to those that have just begun. 

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially, have become the most vulnerable during this global pandemic. As they don’t have the same resources as large corporations, they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place figuring out how to market their products or services when their business is barely making enough profit to support its employees. That’s where Bull.ish Launch Agency comes in!

As an independent marketing agency, Bull.ish has dedicated its services during these confusing and uncertain times to assist entrepreneurs and organizations navigate the crisis as #BestWeCan. It only takes some creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a 30-minute call to find out the best ways to help your business thrive!

Here, some strategies Bull.ish has come up with to help get enterprises up and moving again.

Utilize online shopping and deliveries

Whether you’re in the business of creating homemade skincare products, baking delicious meals, or serving a bucket of french fries, now is the perfect time to go completely online! Focusing your efforts on maintaining an online presence to promote your products will show your audience that you can still give them what they’re looking for or craving. 

A website where consumers can buy and check out products or a simple order form in your social media accounts can help you sell even when stores are closed or operating with a skeletal staff. 

The beauty of going fully online is dictating the delivery terms, too: If you have staff who are able to deliver goods to customers, add a fee to help with the costs. On the other hand, if you don’t have couriers, let buyers know beforehand that they’ll be responsible for having their goods picked up via a delivery service such as Grab or Lalamove.

This way, you’ll get to help out both your customers and your employees!

Create essential products, if possible

Being flexible is important nowadays as so many things can happen and change in a day. With essential goods constantly out of stock in supermarkets, start getting creative and think of ways to help out your customers by coming out with easy-to-make products that will satisfy their needs like soaps, shampoo bars, and homemade face masks.

Another option is to take the time to put together care packages and donations for frontliners who risk their lives every day. But it’s important you don’t overextend yourself and your business’s capabilities, as well! Just donate what you can because in times like these, all efforts matter.

Do an online fundraiser

One way for you to help out frontliners while still maintaining relevance in your industry is by doing an online fundraiser — and it doesn’t have to be complicated! Examples of this can be an announcement that you’ll be donating all or a portion of your sales to hospitals and organizations, or hosting webinars or live meetings where for every question asked, you’ll give a product to a healthcare worker. 

This strategy may not bring you any profits at all, but it shows that your company cares for others, too. The mere fact that you’re doing the best you can to serve your fellow Filipinos will be remembered by your audience.

Make content that speaks to your audience

If you are in a position where online deliveries or making new products is not an option, that’s okay! You can still manage to be relevant to your audience by maintaining a strong online presence. This means creating more content that engages with your community and is appropriate to the times to avoid offending anyone. 

Filipinos in the time of lockdown are in need of distraction at home. They want a semblance of a community and entertainment. This is what your brand can focus on doing.

Online shopping tips or DIY recipes are just a few of the things to post. Another option is to keep your online store open but clearly state that deliveries for these will only resume once the enhanced community quarantine ends. This will let everyone know that you’re not going anywhere and are just taking a bit of a break!

Need more advice or best practices on how to help your organization or company thrive as #BestWeCan during this lockdown period? Sign up for Bull.ish’s FREE 30-minute consultations here:!

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