It’s NAW or Never!

The United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary-Polytechnic University of the Philippines Chapter (UAPSA-PUP) will be celebrating this year’s National Architecture Week and they made sure that their event will be on a whole new level.

UAPSA, originally founded by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), is divided into chapters that are spread throughout the whole country. From the beginning of its creation, every chapter actively participates in this annual event and each one coming up with fresh ideas to spice up their game.

Mark your calendars – on December 5-7, its time for UAPSA-PUP to shine. Revolving around the theme “MAYAWAN: Gazing through limitless Architecture,” the 3-day event will be highlighting different activities that aim to bring out students’ hidden skills and talents, and also to uphold and create camaraderie.

From countless competitions to iconic impersonations and to dazzling runways, better be ready once they showcase their main events on the big night. Are you ready to find your light in this world filled with darkness? See you there!

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