It’s gonna be ‘LIT’ with these customized lighters for only Php 60!

Get ‘LIT’ with these awesome lighters! Netizen Alex Santiago took it to her Twitter account how one can get their hands on a customized lighter for less than a hundred pesos!

If you’d notice, the lighters cater modern day designs, including printed Tagalog statements and the face of internet sensation Kat Galang (also known as ‘Tassel Girl’).

In a separate tweet, Santiago also shares more designs to choose from. One can also customize his/her own design, plus it’s waterproof!

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Santiago for further details.

“We have so many friends that smoke on a regular basis and they keep on complaining that they always lose their lighters and how they wish they can design it. The concept of Lit lighters was actually thought of by Andy Rabajante & Alexis Javier. For a few weeks, they were the only ones making the said lighters but since we were one barkada, Sam Aguilar & I decided to help with selling and advertising. We didn’t expect that we’d get so many orders and reactions from people especially from Ms. Kat Galang herself. We were so overwhelmed because there are only 4 of us operating our little business. Hahaha! But it’s a blessing that the 4 of us are thankful for!

This was actually our first time to experience all of this and we are committed to improving our product together with our customer service.”

Santiago wishes to acknowledge her misspelling of ‘customized’ in her first tweet, and a corresponding tweet has been posted to correct her mistake.

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