It’s Complicated: 10 Kinds Of Relationships na “HINDI KAYO”

I love you, you love me. Why can’t it ever be that simple?

Single, In A Relationship, Married, you fit into neither of these boxes when filling out your Facebook profile, so you either leave it blank, or you put the ever-ambiguous “It’s Complicated” label.

Because, e ano nga ba talaga label nyo? #AnoBaTalaga?!

10 kinds of relationships

Soooo confusing right? Well, relationships these days aren’t as simple as BF-GF anymore… we’ve put ourselves into different situations where it feels like kayo pero hindi kayo, you’re in love but you’re not, “it’s wrong but it feels so right”, and all of those complicated feelings.

Why does love have to be so hard? We wish we knew the answer too, but sigh, all we can do is listen to our favorite sappy OPM songs while drowning our love woes in beer. Here are the 10 different kinds of relationships na hindi kayo. #WalangForever??

It’s Complicated: 10 Kinds Of Relationships na “HINDI KAYO”

10. Love mo, love ka, pero ayaw sa “commitment”

10 kinds of relationships ayaw sa commitment

You both like each other, love spending time with each other, are sweet, affectionate and passionate towards each other… then what? You can’t even call yourselves “exclusively dating” because the thought of being exclusive already makes one of you have a heart attack… or at least makes you pack your bags and sneak into the night to the next town over. What more so a label? Especially when you’re on the receiving end of this commitment-phobia, it’s hard when your significant other (can you even call them that?) tries to reassure you that they do care about you… they just also couldn’t care less about the big C-word because of their “issues”.

9. Love mo, love ka, pero taken pala

10 kinds of relationships mahal mo pero taken

They’ve promised you the world, the moon, and the stars… yun pala, they’ve also probably promised it to someone else they’re actually in a relationship with. They make you feel loved and special and wanted, but they can’t give you their 100% time and effort because someone’s already entitled to that… officially. They may or may not have promised you that they’d leave their significant other for you, yet you can’t sleep at night thinking that the next morning, all those promises may be gone. Hirap ng may kahati, ano?

8. The “We’re just friends” na denial

10 kinds of relationships just friends 2

Daig mo pa ang showbiz talk show, wagas kung maka-deny! They’ve been your best friend since forever, know exactly your favorite food, music, color and other interesting personal trivia more than anyone else you’ve dated, they know how to make you laugh just right in the nick of time when you’re about to cry. They’re always there for late-night conversations, impromptu coffee runs, and biglaang road trips. They’ve been there right at the beginning for every major milestone in your life, and are right where you need them without fail. They’d make the perfect partner… except that you’re “just friends”. Because you don’t want to possibly ruin the friendship.

7. The “We’re just friends” na legit

10 kinds of relationships just friends

Your mom asks you if you’re already together. Your relatives look for them during Sunday lunches and ask, “Where’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, the one you were with last time?”. Not a single person from your barkada believes you when you say that nothing has ever happened between you and your friend, with whom you spend a suspiciously large amount of time with. The truth is… you’re really just friends! You understand each other, you care for each other, you obviously like spending time with each other, but somehow the attraction going beyond companionship has simply never come. Maybe you’re just not each other’s type in that way. Maybe you’ve become too close that it’s become more of a sibling-like relationship. You joke about it once in a while that when you find yourselves single by 40 that you should get married instead, since you obviously click… but you know that it’s most likely not going to happen. Kasi hindi kayo talo.

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