Italianni’s New Lunch Selection: Three-Course Indulgence (Made for Sharing!)

When in Manila and looking for a great Italian restaurant, Italianni’s is always a sure given on the list. Italianni’s has always been famous for its warm and welcoming ambiance, making it a favorite among Filipinos who’d like to while away the hours over good food and great company. The American-Italian restaurant has successfully captured the appetites of Filipinos through the years with its uncanny ability to put an Italian touch on a number of classic dining favorites. (Photos by Hanna Adriano)



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Italianni’s at Greenbelt II



Now with even more delicious and refreshing dining options added to their menu, Italianni’s is ready to serve up and satisfy the hankering tummies of even the most discriminating tastes! We were invited for lunch at Italianni’s Greenbelt to sample dishes from their Three-course menu, the latest addition to their many lunch options. This new lunch selection offers a full and satisfying meal consisting of an entrée of either soup or salad, a hearty main course with a side of vegetables, and delectable dessert to top it all off. These hearty meals come in portions that are meant for sharing, giving you absolute value for your money!



Italianni’s latest offering: Three-Course Indulgence


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Italianni’s newest lunch selection, the “Three-Course Indulgence”


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Italianni’s Shrimp Bisque



For starters we had their shrimp bisque, a thick and rich soup made with shrimp shells and spices that have been simmered in thickened seafood stock, seasoned with tomato and paprika paste, and topped with basil foam. I found this exquisitely flavorful; the basil foam sure lent a fresh herby quality that complimented the strong flavors of paprika nicely.



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Italianni’s Farmer’s Salad



We also got to try their farmer’s salad, a light and refreshing serving of mixed greens with a fruity and tangy four seasons dressing.



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For chicken lovers, Italianni’s offers the Pollo e Granchio



For our main course we had the Pollo e Granchio, one of the three other dishes we were served that day. I’m a big fan of chicken, so I automatically loved this dish. It is a grilled herb chicken fillet served with crab cream sauce and tomato rice. I liked that the chicken fillet was firm, juicy and subtly seasoned. The tomato rice, with its equally light and tart flavor, suitably offset the chicken. Together with the refreshingly crunchy vegetables, the entire dish was harmoniously crafted.



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Italianni’s braised beef shank, a crowd favorite!



The braised beef shank was clearly everyone’s favorite. It is Italianni’s version of Ossobuco: braised beef shank with tomato, carrot, celery and herbs, served with garlic rice and seasoned vegetables in a hot stone bowl. The flavors of this dish vaguely reminded us of the local favorite Caldereta, with a distinct Italian spin to it. The meat was soft, tender, and slid off the bone, perfectly cooked if you ask me. I especially like that Italianni’s serves a number of their dishes with rice; being a staple in most Filipinos’ meals, it gives diners more variety and a little familiarity, which isn’t bad at all.



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Italianni’s Savoury Seafood Stew



Another of their entrée options is the Savoury Seafood Stew, which is Italian seafood stew served on a foccacia bread bowl.  This dish is a happy marriage of seafood, herbs, and the tart tinge of tomatoes.



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Italianni’s Seafood Pizza and Angus Steak Pizza



We were also served Italianni’s latest pizza varieties. First up was their Seafood Pizza: mixed fresh seafood on pesto cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, and mango toppings, and their Angus Steak Pizza: minced Angus beef, green bell peppers and mushroom cream sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and caramelized onion. The crust was perfectly thin and crunchy, rightly so, as Italianni’s makes their pizza dough fresh every day! It also had savory portions of Angus beef and seafood you can bite into. The mozzarella and pesto cream flavors were strong and distinct yet not at all overpowering, and the fruity sweetness of the mango surprisingly complemented it all.



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Truffle chocolate and strawberry gold ice cream for dessert!


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Italianni’s Limon De Cielo.



For dessert we had strawberry gold and truffle chocolate ice cream. We were also served Limon De Cielo: baked custard topped with caramel sauce and sugar-coated lime zest. The custard was smooth, rich and creamy, and the sugar-coated lime zest added an unexpected crunch to the softness of it! All my friends loved it; the plate was literally clean within minutes! It was the perfect end to a perfect meal, if I may say so myself.



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An awesome lunch with my friends! *burp!*



Good Food at Italianni’s

Half of a great meal is the experience of sharing it with those closest to you. The stories, laughter and tastes you all share somehow make a meal even more heart-warming and filling, no wonder it is part of Italian tradition to hold every hearty meal with their families. Now you too can have a satisfying three-course lunch with friends and family at Italianni’s! The Italianni’s Three Course Indulgence selection is available from eleven in the morning ‘til three in the afternoon. See you there!



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