This Italian Restaurant in Kapitolyo Lets You Make Your Own Pizza

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng) | Photos by Eunick Nobe (@eunicknobe)

Despite many goodbyes from our favorite restaurants this year, we say hello to new and upcoming ones that will fulfill our undying cravings. One of them is the Baguio homegrown pizza place, Amare La Cucina. 2017 has brought us a lot of good news here in Manila and one of them is having a branch of Amare right in the middle of the bustling Kapitolyo district.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 1

This place is just across the Kapitolyo Church

You read that right: you can now get your favorite spare ribs and traditionally-cooked pizza – which Amare is well-known for – just minutes away from your home here in Manila!

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 27

The iconic Amare mural

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For four years now, Amare La Cucina (which was named after the founder Edmark Bustos and his siblings) has been one of the to-go Italian pizza places in Baguio. We should feel blessed, Manila, because Amare came closer to us, giving the same homey vibe it has always been loved for. They basically serve the same menu as the Baguio branch, and here’s even better news: you can also make your own brick-oven pizza here with no additional charge!

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 6

The pizza should come out 12-13 inches in size

We tried making our own pizza and I must admit: it was both fun and challenging. You got to experience everything – from flatting out the dough, tossing it, putting all the toppings on it, all the way to getting it inside the oven! If your kids want to try this, they are very welcome to, as well. The chefs will all be glad to assist you and help you with your choices.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 7

They will demonstrate how to toss the pizza to achieve the right size.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 9

Try your best not to make a hole in your pizza!

You can choose a pizza on the menu and they will help you make it or you can choose a flavor and then just add your toppings of choice. Apparently, Margherita and Sausage Pepperoni are the patrons’ favorites; but if you’re feeling adventurous, try out the Foie Gras Pizza, which is made of mozzarella, basil, white truffle oil, and foie gras (duck liver). Turn your gastronomic adventure to an exciting one and order Superoni, which has an overload of pepperoni, plum tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and a dash of oregano on it!

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 12

To achieve the traditional taste of pizza, they cook it only using fruit-berry trees.

For our pizzas, we started with the basic Margherita because it has only has tomatoes and cheese on it. Then we began picking add-ons like goat cheese, mozzarella, bacon, basil and more. Our first pizza looked like this:

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 15

Ladies and gentlemen, Pizza ala WIMtern!

Of course, the finished product will all depend on the ingredients you put on it. Our first pizza tasted awesome! We opted to put four kinds of cheese on it along with some ham and pepperoni topped with basil leaves. We loved it!

On the second pizza, my newbie skills became a bit more obvious. The pizza ended up having an oblong shape! It was so fun, though. This time, we chose to put wagyu ground meat and bacon with truffle oil and a dash of oregano on it! They went perfectly together.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 16

Wagyu Pizza ala Wimtern

For every pizza, we only waited for about 2-3 minutes. Edmark shared that they usually make everything in around 15 minutes upon receiving an order to ensure that the pizza is fresh and hot when they get to the customers’ table.

Aside from that, here are Amare’s other favorites that caught our tastebuds’ attention:

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 21

Al Arrabiata – Php285

This pasta is made of spicy tomato sauce with bacon, garlic, parsley and Parmigiano Reggiano. Oh, and, did I mention that you can choose the noodles for your pasta? Yes, that’s right. You can choose from spaghetti, fusilli, penne, or linguini.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 18

Marianne’s Special – Php335

Veggie lovers don’t need worry when they visit Amare with their family or friends because they serve this house salad, which was named after the founder’s sister, Marianne. This salad has arugula leaves, caramelized walnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes, topped with a special dressing.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 20

Wood-Fired Ribs with Veggies – Php395

When someone mentions Amare, you’ll probably think about their pizza and ribs – and we now know why! They have some of the best in Manila! Taste this family recipe, pair it with their special sauce, and find out why for yourself, too.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 17

Chicke Skewers – Php340

Amare’s skewers are the bomb! The chicken’s well-done and the dish also comes with their special dip.

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 23

Roasted Mallow Speculoos Pizza – Php280

Do not leave the place without trying out their new offering: the roasted mallow speculoos pizza with ice cream on top. It will make your heart and tummy glad. Like us, you’ll also wonder how roasted mallows could go so perfectly with cold vanilla ice cream.

As for the drinks, try out their Mint Iced Tea (Php85), a cold refreshing offering as you enjoy the pizzas you made or any smoothie on the menu such as the Basil Smoothie, one of their healthy smoothies and slushes. This is perfect for those who want to try something different!

Amare La Cucina Kapitolyo 26

Complete that Italian food trip with any wine from their bar.


91 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig
Open from 11AM-10PM