Italian Jewelry Brand AMEN is now in the Philippines

AMEN sets up a shop located in Alabang Town Center where customers can now shop from its unique collection of faith and non-faith-based jewelry items, all made in Italy with exceptional craftsmanship.

Giovanni Licastro founded AMEN’s jewelry with a deep willingness to share meaningful symbols and words of faith and love with loved ones. Licastro states, “At the heart of this project, there is faith and love and a deep willingness to share words and meaningful symbols through jewelry with the loved ones so that they can feel protected. AMEN means wearing a feeling, an emotion that rises almost casually but that stands by choice and brings us every day wherever we want to be with the people we want to share our deepest values with.”

MON 1450

AMEN offers a wide range of collections that can be worn by both men and women. The brand’s product line starts at PHP 2,800.00 with the Prayer Bracelet Collection, which is made of authentic Italian leather. Among other collections, other best-selling designs include the Vita Cristi et Maria Collection which highlights the life of Christ or Mary and the Quadricuore Collection which is a combination of 4 hearts signifying faith, hope, love, and luck in different colors that add life to one’s fashion style of where your heart is at the moment.

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Apart from its faith-based collection, AMEN also offers a range of non-faith-based jewelry items, including necklaces, rings, and earrings that cater to different styles and preferences.

All of AMEN’s products are made in Italy, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship. The brand’s commitment to quality and style has made it a popular choice for those seeking unique and meaningful jewelry.

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“We are thrilled to bring a unique collection of jewelry to the Philippines with the opening of our first kiosk location in Alabang Town Center. AMEN jewelry is designed to be more than just an accessory – it is a symbol of faith, love, and meaningful connections with those we hold dear,” says Dawn Dacanay, the official representative of AMEN in the Philippines.

AMEN’s first kiosk location is now open in Alabang Town Center and welcomes customers to discover its unique collection of jewelry.