Israeli Chef Celebrities Visit Manila

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Israeli Chef Celebrities Visit Manila


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(L-R) Ruthie Russo – Israeli Chef/Food Columnist and Publicist, Michal Ansky – Israeli Chef/ Food Journalist, and H.E. Ambassador Menashe Bar On – Ambassador of Israel


We celebrated the end of February with an Israeli food tour experience as two of Israel’s famous foodie personalities showcased the best dishes of Israeli cuisine in Manila. The night highlighted their culinary expertise as they prepared unique and interesting Israeli menus to wake up our taste buds.


Ruthie Rousso is a noted food columnist in one of Israel’s biggest and most popular newspapers. She is also known as the “chef who has always something to say about everything,”   especially as a judge at the Israeli “Iron Chef.”

Michal Ansky is a gastronomist who had several cooking shows in Israel. She is also a judge on Israel’s version of the MasterChef franchise.


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Green Herb Salad with Pomegranate, Dudu Salad (Tomato Salad), Spicy Carrot Salad, Bourekitas (Filled-Pastry Triangles)

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Roasted Eggplant on Tahini


The dinner started with some spicy appetizers and strong flavors unique to Filipino taste buds. For example,  the herbs (parsley, coriander)  that we usually use as garnishes was used as the main ingredient of the salad complemented with the fruity pomegranate seeds. On the other hand, the pastry treat that was filled with roasted eggplant and crushed feta cheese was very enjoyable to munch on. But the winning appie for the night was Ruthie’s roasted eggplant served over tahini with tomato and pepper. It was such a delight in every spoonful of creamy spiced eggplant and tahini. The flavors were amazing!


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Shawarma Salad, Crispy Calamari, Mujadarra (Black Lentils with Bulgur)

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Lamb Kebab with grilled tomatoes and pita


Shawarma is an Arab street food but Michal combined this with rice, green herbs and a lot of lemon plus thinly sliced red onions topped with grilled chicken. I could eat a whole bowl of Michal’s shawarma salad and never get tired of it.

The lamb kebab consisted of ground lamb meat mixed with special spices and turned into kebab patties. It was served like a pie filled with savory meat – comfort food that was so good.


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Salep (Orchid Flour) and Yogurt Ice Cream


The salep is made from orchid root flour and served into a soup/drink form mixed with rose water and nuts. It was refreshing and was really nice after having a very flavorful Israeli dinner. But I was more excited with the yogurt ice cream that was flavored with honey syrup and grated coconuts.


Thanks to Israeli master chefs for choosing to visit Manila and sharing with us the dishes that represent Israeli home kitchen – very fresh, light and a bit spicy. The foods prepared have definitely represented unity based on the roots of all the cultures in Israel – Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, etc. 


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Israeli Chef Celebrities Visit Manila


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