Isolation Room


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WeMakeGoodProductions, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Rho Delta Rho Mendiola, and Rho Delta Rho Philippines together with various students and professionals of the Philippine Theatre Industry puts theories to use as they embark on an original and new straight play entitled, “Isolation Room” written by C.K. Bautista


Isolation Room” proposes the Sci-Fi and Suspense-Thriller elements like “Saw” and “Alien” into one story with sudden twists and turns along the way that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. It also features the parallelisms of worldwide controversies, modern day conspiracy theories and myths to use – to add more depth to its plot.


The story begins with seven people who wake up in one room not knowing how they got there, where they are and who brought them there. It is through their differences that the developments of fast rifts are brought between the characters – making the group more separated than unified. Amidst all this, the sound of a voice is heard from overhead and the staccato delivery of the instructions only gives them a few words to understand, including the words “Three hours”. Then, all hell breaks loose.


This play is under the direction of veteran TV, Film and Theatre actor Rolando T. Inocencio who brings about a new twist in the story based on the story’s elements that will surely bewilder everyone from the other side of the fourth wall.


“Isolation Room” stars actors and actresses from different facets of the entertainment industry like Chad Hemady, Nic Campos, Lara Tarranco, Japo Parcero, Harry David, Rina Reinoso, Nikki Lorenzo and promising new talents like Chiara Garcia, Karl Jingco, Ram Lopez, and Raven Molina. 


The plays set design is by Daisuke Nakada and Karl Jingco, fight choreography by Harry David and Angelo Arcangel, photography and videography by David Molina, concept and poster design by Christian Bautista, and lighting design by Gio Dionisio.


Contact Details:

For ticket inquiries, reservations and show buyers, CALL or TEXT us at (63 906) 2089333.




Tanghalang Huseng Batute

CCP Complex, Tanghalang Pambansa

Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City





Thursday, March 21, 22, & 23 2013

3PM & 6PM shows (each day)


PHP 199.00 (Regular Price)

PHP 299.00 (VIP Tickets)



Isolation Room