Isko Moreno To Announce Plans For Presidency Tomorrow

As filing for candidacy for draws near, more and more politicians are announcing their plans for the upcoming election. Following the announcement of Manny Pacquiao and Ping Lacson who recently announced their desire for the Presidential post, more groups are urging Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to run for office.

There were speculations about a Leni Robredo-Isko Moreno tandem and even a Manny Pacquaio -Isko Moreno tandem after the Manila Mayor revealed that he had meetings with the two fellow politicians. “Yes, we had a meeting and Vice-President (Leni) Robredo. So we’re trying to reach out to each and everyone. Kasi, ako naman, meron akong tenga lagi na pwedeng makinig eh,” Isko said.

“I am not in the liberty to discuss the details, but I can confirm there was a meeting. And hopefully, there’ll be more meetings ‘no, na puwede naming mapag-usapan ang mga bagay-bagay (where we can talk about things)”, he added.

Today, News5 posted on Twitter about the upcoming announcement of the Mayor.

According to sources, Mayor Isko Moreno will be announcing his plans for Presidency tomorrow (September 21) through his Facebook Page.

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