Is UST no longer having an entrance exam in 2021 and basing admission on grades?

#USTET trended on Twitter earlier today because of an announcement made on the official University of Santo Tomas website claiming that there would be no entrance exam for schoolyear 2021-2022 in light of the quarantine and COVID-19 health protocols. Instead, they would be using a rating system they called USTAR or the University of Santo Tomas Admission Rating where they will be basing it off academic performance.

This caused an uproar on Twitter, questioning the decision, saying that some students may not have the best grades but would qualify for the exam if it were being administered. Others said that some schools have different standards when it comes to grades, making it unfair for those whose schools have skewed grading systems.


Many students were appalled at the decision and publicly decried it, questioning the rating system and how it would apply.

Moments later, the announcement was taken down from the website and only had the hashtag #USTAR2021 in its place.

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