Is This UFO Sighting Caught in Photo Real?

In the past, we have shared with you stories about UFO sightings. There were dancing lights caught on video somewhere in the US. The were also dancing lights taken on photo in Pampanga.

Recently, a netizen posted on Facebook an alleged UFO sighting that he claims his dad has taken on photo using his phone.

The said netizen included the following caption to his photo:

UFO Caption

The photo is as follows:


The photo got mixed reactions from netizens. Some were shocked on how real the photo appears while others say that it is photoshopped.

The netizen who posted it continued to say in the comments:

UFO Caption (2)

Rough translation: Yes, when I first so it I thought it was real but when I used the zoom on the phone I really saw that it had small windows on the side and a huge circular shape in the middle.

What do you think? Legit or photoshopped?

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