Is This the Minions’ First Step to Claiming “World Domination”?

There are a lot of people hooked on the Minions from watching their recently released solo movie (somewhat a back story to Despicable Me) to collecting Minions toys. Basically, they seem to be everywhere.

Last August 2, according to a post from Mashable, somewhere in Dublin, a giant inflatable Minion got loose from its harness and blocked the traffic.

Commuters who witnessed what happened took photos and posted them on social media.

Giant Minions (3) Giant Minions (2) Giant Minions (1)

According to the post, no one got hurt due to this incident but a driver claimed that the side mirror of his car got knocked off. Still, it was considered a nightmare by those traveling that day but I suppose it is still not as bad as traffic along EDSA.

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