Is This Text Message About a Bomb Threat Blackmail Legit?

Yesterday, we received a Viber message from a friend. The message is as seen below:

Rough translation:

Hey, this came from my officemate.

This is from *****’s co-worker: Guys, my cousin who works for BDO told me that their boss came from a meeting. The Abu Sayyaf are demanding money from SM and if they don’t get the money, there will be a bomb explosion in an SM Mall within the week. Take care when going to SM. also posted about the alleged bomb threat with SM’s official statement.

“We are requesting the authorities to verify the source of the information circulating as said information was not released by any SM Officer.”

The text message on the post is a bit different as it has more details. See it below:

(Image from:

We don’t know if this is legit or a hoax. Whatever the case may be, it would not hurt to be more vigilant and err on the side of caution.

Can anyone verify this?

Stay safe, guys! 

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