Is This Real? Netizens Share ‘Fake Rice’ Experience

The NFA or National Food Authority has confirmed that there is no fake rice in the country. This followed after netizens went on a virtual panic and started to roll cooked rice to check if it will bounce. In a country where rice is a staple food, this is alarming.

fake rice

The video, which went viral, on social media sites was actually in India and NOT in the Philippines. Rolling rice into a ball and throwing it on the floor to see if it will bounce is a waste of time and good rice, but after watching the video a lot of people tried this and sure enough, the ball of rice bounced.

NFA officials say that rice is 70% to 80% starch which has elastic properties, so even real rice will bounce.  They added that it will be more expensive to create fake rice, given the cost of resin and starch in the market.

I hope we don’t end up as the “fake” country in Asia. In the meantime, more rice, please!

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