Is Star City Making a Comeback???????

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We’re sure many of you can remember childhood holidays when you’d make a trip to Star City.

The amusement park features “30 exciting rides and spectacular attractions the whole year round.” While 1.5 million visitors come per year, it is most popular during the Christmas season.

Sadly, the amusement park had to shut down in 2019 after a fire burned down 80% of the establishment.

In December of that year, Star City said on Facebook that “As we lay down plans for [the] rehabilitation of the park, Star City will not be open this Christmas season.”

Now we’re wondering… are there plans for a comeback?

Two days ago, Star City posted an image on Facebook of an opened gift with a star emerging. Below it, the text simply reads, “2022.”

They have not confirmed the meaning of the post, but we’re guessing that they’re reopening for Christmas next year?

2019 fire

According to reports, the Bureau of Fire Protection said the 2019 blaze was caused by an electrical fire.

Rumors of arson began to spread after gasoline was spotted in one of the rides and cotton was brought into the park the day before the fire. Star City, however, denied the claims, saying, “That there were some persons that brought in cotton is NOT unusual because cotton filling is being used to stuff toys redeemed in games. In fact, most if not all of the stuffed toys are filled with cotton. Almost all theme parks, including those outside of the Philippines, sell or give as prizes, stuffed toys in the ordinary course of their business.”

As for the gas, the amusement park said, “There is gasoline inside the Star City Complex because there is a ride that runs on gasoline particularly the Bumper Boat.”

It added, “We are not aware of any motive, including financial gain, that would induce the commission on arson specially on the part of Star City as the business is profitable and a bumper Christmas Season was expected.”

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