Is Sandra Lemonon Saying Goodbye to Beauty Pageants?

Taguig City representative for Miss Universe, Sandra Lemonon, is officially retiring from beauty pageants.

She made this known in the comments of an Instagram post after a fan had told her that she could join the Miss Earth competition. “No more pageants for me love but thank you,” she said in response.


Her retirement comes after she’s made frequent allusions to alleged cheating during the recent Miss Universe Philippines pageant. In a series of Instagram posts she shared last October 2020, she spoke about how “the truth always comes out” and that they “deserve justice,” though she did not specify what she meant by her statements. She also shared a photo of a cup of tea, saying, “Accepting defeat graciously is one of the many mark[s] of being a queen. But what you forgot to say is that REAL queens play FAIR [and] don’t CHEAT.”

Netizens who saw her comment went on to express their love and support for her, which she felt moved by.

“Don’t make me cry of joy. People like you are the reason why I love the good sides of pageantry. You are kind-hearted and pure. Stay like this forever,” she replied to one commenter. “Maybe I shall not be in a pageant arena but I am sure I am on my own path & all the hardships/blessings that lead me to where I am today will help me be where I need to be with you by my side. I will never have a dim light in my heart, I promise.”

Sandra was part of the top 16 candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2020 where Rabiya Mateo eventually won the crown.

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