Is Maria Ozawa No Longer Single?

If you don’t know who Maria Ozawa is, you must be living under a rock or you’re just really, really, really clueless in the world of pornography.

Well, in case you were still hoping to woo this sexy lady somehow, it looks like she may no longer be single.

While it is no secret that she has been going on dates with Jose Sarasola (former Pinoy Fear Factor contestant and current chef and entrepreneur of one of our favorite bars in BF Homes, Avenue 75), the Internet has gone wild after Jose posted this photo on his Instagram account a couple of days ago:


A post shared by Jose Sarasola (@chefjosesarasola) on

Sure, it doesn’t say much, but with the amount of ‘congratulations’ in the comments section, people are assuming that the two have finally made things official. Sorry, guys! And sorry, girls, na rin – a lot of my friends think Jose is a cutie, after all! :p

Do you think these two look good together? 🙂