Is Manila Bay being transformed into a white sand beach?

Photos and videos have begun to circulate social media showing trucks full of white sand and sand dunes on the precipice of Manila Bay. Along the shore, white sand is being spread across the ground near where the water meets it. “Manila Bay” soon trended on Twitter, the photos and the videos catching the curious eyes of netizens.

Some photos were taken by passers-by and posted and Twitter was quick to react. Some were in shock at the sudden move at how white sand was now being placed along the edge of the water. Some were glad, happy that Manila Bay would become more aesthetically pleasing. Others were confused about the move and the priorities of those handling it. All in all, it was a hodgepodge of reactions.

Manila Bay has long been a popular place for people to relax, do zumba, jog, etc. And with the recent clean-up, it’s grown even more popular. Remember the before and after?

What do you think about this endeavor?

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