Is Hitchhiking Possible in the Philippines? These Guys Find Out.

We often see hitchhikers on various TV shows internationally, but here in the Philippines, it’s not really that common. Would you agree?

I remember when I was young, an old man was doing the thumbs up hitchhiking sign and my dad stopped. We were all surprised and extremely quiet in the car. My dad, being the very friendly guy he is, started making jokes and stirred up a conversation with the hitchhiker. I barely remember anything except that a hitchhiker was in our car.

Well, these guys from Trying Hard PH decided to see just how hitchhiking will do in the Philippines. Will people stop and help? Will they feel hesitant and afraid? Check it out.

Nowadays, I won’t be surprised if people refuse to let a hitchhiker get it. After all, they’re still strangers… and with all the petty crimes going on in our country, who’s to say these guys are safe? On the other hand, many people just really need a ride home. It would definitely be a wonderful way to help out someone who just needs a ride. It just takes a lot of trust on both ends.

So what do guys think of this experiment? Would YOU stop for a hitchhiker? Do you think hitchhiking is possible in the Philippines?

Do share your thoughts below, we’d love to hear them.


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