Is BTS’ Suga Returning as Agust D?

Is BTS rapper Suga returning as Agust D? ARMYs all over the world are getting excited after BigHit Entertainment shared their latest teaser photos with blurred photos and mysterious captions counting down to a possible release. As the teasers got clearer by the day, many ARMYs are predicting that it is Suga in the photos. Could this be a solo release they are teasing?

In the latest teaser photo on Twitter, BigHit Entertainment shows a figure seemingly bound in ropes:

Aside from that, Apple Music recently updated Agust D’s profile picture to a new image that looks similar to the blurry teasers that BigHit has been releasing on Twitter. In the photo, Suga is looking at the camera while bound in ropes. Is this confirmation enough?

From the moment BigHit released their teasers, ARMYs have been speculating that it is actually a countdown to Suga’s comeback as Agust D, the name that he uses for his personal music. Suga hasn’t released a solo project since 2016, so this is something that his fans have been waiting for for a long time now.

Either way, hashtags like #AGUSTD2ISCOMING and #SUGA have already been trending on Twitter. The teaser counter ends tomorrow, so I guess we’ll find out more soon!

Are you excited for an Agust D comeback?

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