IRL school horror stories that you probably shouldn’t read before going back to school this sembreak

Words by Clarissa Li

CET’s season may be over but spooky in-school experiences will probably be here all year round to haunt you. You might want to stay out of the creepy hallway your classmates tell you about or that weird bathroom stall everyone SWEARS is haunted because I’m sorry to tell you but: it’s probably real. Here’s a compilation of horror stories that have been crowdsourced from multiple students everywhere! 

11. At least you can afford to ‘breakout’ in your classroom; especially since we’re all broke.

We had our Asylum in one of our classrooms. It was held by our Student Council. In the room, everything was dark. It was kind of a maze type of asylum. So every scare has its own roles. May mga nasa ibabaw ng cabinet. May nakawheel chair. May mga umiiyak na nurses and dead patients. So after scaring a lot of students per batch, may nagtanong daw na isang student na nagparticipate sa Asylum. “Ate, sino yung bata kanina sa ilalim nung cabinet?” A lot of the officers were creeped out. Kasi wala namang bata na sumama sa kanila. The student even said na it was a boy. Our school was an all girl school. (Jamie Alvarez)

10. You know how everyone reminds us to ‘stay in school kids’? You might want to rethink that.


One time, umabot kami ng 8pm sa school. Nasa 2nd floor kami ng kaibigan ko at kailangan pumunta sa 3rd floor para tingnan kung nakalock na ang mga pintuan doon. Pero sa hallway palang ng 2nd floor, may naririnig na akong mga bulong bulong. 2 lang kami nun at walang nagiimikan sa amin sa takot. Habang papalapit na kami sa stairs pa-akyat ng 3rd floor, palakas ng palakas ang mga bulong sa hanggang naiintindihan ko na ang sinasabi nila. “Andiyan na sila” “Aakyat na sila” “Naririnig niya tayo.”

Di ko na kinaya ang takot at di na ako tumuloy sa pag-akyat sa 3rd floor. Dumeretso ako palabas ng building sa sobrang takot. (Inah Lugmay)

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9. Kahit sembreak ghino-ghost parin tayo eh…


There’s a story of a boy ghost who was seen by several guys in the school. A boy, 8, met with an accident and died but many students and professors says that it was a staff member of school who pushed the boy from the top. Maybe a rumour or real, but he was seen many time in school building and was also a big source of discussion and gossip. Some says that the prof who pushed him went mad and died while some says that the ghost will haunt every single one who was involved in the accident. (Sandeep Aggarwall)

8.  Mom, take me home I’m scared…


At around 6:30, we stayed in school a bit later than usual to practice for our school’s variety show. We started making kwento about ghost stories and as people started sharing their experiences my friend started feeling uneasy. Naturally, I noticed so I tried checking to see if she was okay but she answered with a no that got me worried. I asked what happened and she said that she saw someone standing right outside the music room looking at us. I told her not to worry about it so after everyone shared their stories it was time for us to leave. The hallways were dark because there weren’t much lights on so as we rushed down the stairs we started to calm down a bit. We looked at the same time at the hallway and saw something in the darkness. There was only one light on and then a shadowy grey figure. We all ran and never looked back! (Frances Cu)

7. Kahit yung dopplegangers ko two timers din ?


Ok ok so there used to be a hallway with the two isolated classrooms in my cousins batch, so one day parang her friend was absent daw. During recess, they were waiting outside for break to end and their next period teacher waved at them when she got to their classroom so they waved back obviously. So when recess ended, their teacher was checking attendance but she was confused kasi parang diba she waved at them? It was because one of their friends waved at her first daw sabi ng teacher but that friend is the one who was absent pala ! So the teacher was just so confused kasi she thought she saw the girl pero absent nga so the teacher just concluded na doppelganger daw, but parang she felt uneasy so she asked the class to call the absentee raw and she wasnt answering so natakot sila because they say daw na if you see a doppelganger it means something bad has happened to the original person. (Alyssa Liao) 

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6. Harry Potter’s Moaning Myrtle; but in real life.


There’s this restroom in the dressing room of our sports center and there was this time where someone used the CR there before a performance I think?? While she was washing her hands she heard someone say na “oh I’m getting wet can you not like splash water when you’re washing your hands or something?” so she looked under the sink and there was a girl underneath? So she tried kicking her but it was a figure lang daw so? (Charlize Tan)

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5. Even the ghosts play (the piano hehe) with me…


We were waiting for variety show sound check kasi the school band was staying sa mac lab and at that time it was half day so basically theres no more people diba? I passed by the music room and the lights were off but I heard someone playing the piano. Even my science teacher and the choir members who practice there before said na theres a lil kid inside lol. They just say not to mind it but oh well. (Charlize Tan)

4. Stop running away from me I just want to be loved 🙁


Okay so there was this one time daw where my teacher was walking along the hallway towards the HS library (this is the one with the prayer room ata and the one near the Junior HS faculty). While she was walking she heard footsteps (with hEELS MIND YOU) from behind her. But I guess she thought it was another teacher ‘cuz like the heels of course? So she didn’t bother looking back. But then she said she heard the footsteps (again, with the heels) getting closer to her and soon enough the footsteps (with the heels— I can’t stress this enough HAHA) went past her and she was :00 since there was no one who went ahead of her— like no teacher, nO ONE. (Domi Ngo)

3. Tiptoe…through the window…by the window, that’s where I’ll be…


Another story! There was this once na she was in the classroom teaching a class and then di ba the classroom doors have like a tiny window thing ? Yeah, so she was teaching when she saw a kid outside. Like a little kid. At first she thought it was one of her students since she said ‘oh baka she came from the restroom or na late or something’— but when she looked again, it was a lil boy. So ye, oop shocking (esp since its an all girls school) (Domi Ngo)

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2. Scarier than board examinations, haha I’m kidding…unless!


This was when I was still grade 1 (I remember because it was the classroom’s near gate 4, anyway, moving on). It was dismissal time na and some of my classmates and I stayed in the classroom pa. I remember we were just playing with the chalk, you know, drawing on the board and stuffs. Our board had a curtain thing (I don’t know why it did but it did) and then they close that curtain thing during dismissal. So we started erasing the board na so it was clean and all then we closed the curtain after. One of my classmates pulled the curtain away (cuz we were playing around and laughing about, something? Don’t really remember what) but I legitimately— not even kidding— saw a chalked hand print on the board. And you know how when you rub your finger with chalk and stuff when you press on the board it’s light lang and barely seen? Well this hand print, may gahd, it was like clear as day. The chalk was so intense like it looked like paint but it was chalk and I literally remember seeing the lines and stuff on the hand. Anyways, my classmate closed the curtain again and I was like wAIT HOLDUP— so i opened it and voila— the hand print disappeared completely. So I asked my classmates after (the ones who i was with, obviously) if they saw a hand print. They just looked at me weirdly went like “What? What hand print?” (Domi Ngo)

1. I want someone to fall for me but not this way…


This was told by one of my Thomasian Friends. There was this student from UST who has to pee. Nasa isang building daw siya na common yung mga umaaligid na ghosts. Hindi niya na raw mapigilan yung pantog niya so kinakailangan niya na umihi. She had no other choice. Kahit nakakatakot, she had to go to this dark restroom. Tapos sabi sakanya make sure na pagkatapos juminggle, diretso labas na.

Kaso mo may narinig siyang babaeng umiiyak. She looked around and wala naman daw. The next thing she knew, there was a girl singing “Oleh, Oleh, Oleh, Oleh.” She turned but didn’t see anything. Pagtingala niya, there was a girl who was on the ceiling. Hindi na raw nakita yung student. (Jamie Alvarez)

What do you think? Do you have any horror stories to share? Comment them down below for everyone to read!