Ippudo Introduces Its Tsukemen and New Ramen Sidekicks

The ramen craze continues in the country and Ippudo is known as one of the most popular restaurants that serve authentic ramen in the Philippines. Dining at Ippudo can give a feeling like you’re slurping a big bowl of tasty noodles in a neighborhood ramen shop in Japan. It exudes that vibe due to the restaurant’s design, and of course, the taste of its steaming bowl of noodles.

Ippudo widens its selection further, not with regular ramen variants, but with new ramen sidekicks and a different approach to eating ramen, Hakata-style.

Ippudo now offers two new amazing side dishes that are best eaten with your ramen.

A delectable sidekick, the Gyutan is Ippudo’s melt-in-your-mouth Australian beef tongue served on a hot plate, stewed to a tender perfection. It is topped with onion leeks and it comes with a side dip of Yuzukosyo paste for a refreshing, spicy kick.

Ippudo Tsukemen (1)

Another new ramen sidekick, the Menchi Bun is panko-crusted menchi patty that is glazed with Yakiniku sauce sandwiched between Ippudo’s signature steamed bun. Biting to it has that crunch that you cannot get enough of.

Ippudo Tsukemen (2)

Then, we meet Ippudo’s tsukemen. Two variants were introduced, the Classic Tsukemen and the Spicy Tsukemen.

Ippudo Tsukemen (4)

Ippudo’s Hakata-style Tsukemen is the dipping way of eating ramen known as the art of slow satisfaction. The new dishes are served as thick noodles separate from the broth to keep its firmness and springy texture until the very end of the ramen experience. Both tsukemen come with a steaming bowl of Ippudo’s original Tonkotsu broth where the noodles are dipped before eating them. The broth is infused with flavorful bonito to complete the dipping set.

The Classic Tsukemen is topped with shio tamago, diced chashu nori, and negi.

Ippudo Tsukemen (3)

Meanwhile, the Spicy Tsukemen is topped with onsen tamago and karakamiso for a meaty finish.

Ippudo Tsukemen (5)

For the tsukemen dishes, you have the option to get hot or cold noodles.

Between the two tsukemen choices, I prefer the Spicy Tsukemen because it has a more interesting flavor.

Try the new ramen sidekicks and tsukemen from Ippudo! Let us know which ones you like best!