LPG Safety Tips: Introducing Solane and P Diddy


When In Manila, you know that time when Puff Daddy changed this name to Puffy, then to P. Diddy, or when Prince changed his name to T.A.F.K.A.P., or even that time when Vince Golangco changed his name to DJ Vince…. ok, except for the last horrible example, what I’m trying to say is that these really cool artists sort of changed up their headline,but still gave the same quality of great music.


That’s what’s happening now as the artist…. errrr… LPG… known as Shellane is now SOLANE. SAME product, SAME trusted quality.



Solane WhenInManila Shellane 6



Solane is the same great product and same great brand but with lots of big positive additions.


Of course, one of the main highlights is the Solane 7-point safety checks! It’s one of the main service features they provide to ensure your safely. More details on this at the bottom of the post.





For now, let me re-introduce you to Solane by first tell you what’s the same:


Same Hatid Bahay Hotline

8875555 in Manila

+63918-8875555 outside Metro Manila (mobile number only accepts order through SMS)



Now let me tell you what’s new:


New name

New look or design

Better service for our customers

Solane “Timbang Challenge” – for home delivery, the tank is weighed in front of you before installation (the only company that does this service)

Loyalista Plus Program

Plus free ref magnet on first delivery



Moreover, don’t you think us loyal customers deserve some extra perks for being so…. well…loyal?! Great news is that for the Solane Loyalista Plus Program, as a way to thank us loyal customers, you get a free gift with every order through the Solane Hatid Bahay Hotline. You just need a minimum order of an 11-kg Solane tank, and in you’ll get either a food item or a collectable item. Now my only problem now is whether I should choose the food or the collectible… hmmmmmm…..



LPG Safety Tips




So what you waiting for?!


When In Manila, whether you’re P. Diddy, or TAFKAP, head on over and try out the new Solane!




8875555 in Manila

+63918-8875555 outside Metro Manila (mobile number only accepts order through SMS)

solane.com.ph online ordering

Solane Homepage to learn more https://bit.ly/MZ2Taf

For online ordering click directly to this https://bit.ly/ODkCtH



Oh and here’s an extra bonus and really good way to keep you and your family safe!


It’s the Solane 7-Point Safety Check for your home LPG tanks!



Solane WhenInManila 1

LPG Safety Tips: Introducing Solane and P Diddy 


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